Ivy Thornton

I was a lost little lamb of a fetish model at the time when one of the companies I modeled for threw a party at a dungeon. Dungeon Servitus was a beautiful boutique dungeon owned by the awe-inspiring Domina Angelina. Dungeon Servitus was in the heart of downtown San Diego. When I walked through the doors of Dungeon Servitus I knew I was home. Once I saw Mother Superior’s eyes I never looked back.

I trained traditionally from the bottom up. Originally starting as a collared submissive to Domina Angelina and Goddess Soma. My sibling, Sybil Hawthorne, had a heavy hand in my training. At Dungeon Servitus I had the honor of helping with events, play parties, workshops, private sessions, photoshoots, Domme Sunday School, and community outreach.

Seeing a hole in the community that I wanted to fist! I mean fix. I started Abduction. The community lacked a party that encouraged heavy-edged play. This was a very intimate party at Dungeon Servitus. The debauchery was thick and delicious those nights. I also have an infatuation with pups! Especially the shiny latex kind. I always love teaching about pup play and being a handler. I have had the pleasure of training some amazing puppies. Even having one win California Leather Puppy in 2011. I was so proud!!!

While in San Diego I was a performer at multiple clubs before moving to Los Angeles to work at the Dr Susan Block Institute and Sex Show. After some much-needed hedonism, I was craving more kink in my life and found myself living at Bordello of Decades. It was the beautiful kinky compound of my dreams. There was a separate house and dungeon! There were play parties, ProDomme sessions, foot fetish events, kinky campouts, outdoor pony play, photoshoots, and workshops always happening. After some time away in Los Angeles, I find myself back in San Diego looking for some trouble.