I accept session mostly in San Diego but I can often be found in Los Angles. I like playing 1-on-1, couples, and small groups. I enjoy all genders and love gender exploration. I session in a fully equip dungeon.

I’m passionate about creating a safe environment to learn and explore your inner kinks without judgement. I approach BDSM through mindfulness to helps bring your thoughts, emotions, and body into the present moment with me. I like playing with the sharp and jagged edges of your soul. The darker parts that no one else wants to play with. The unloved. The unwanted. The night Kreatures….

Kink allows us to express ourselves with diverse experiences and power relationships that are unique to each individual. I find these relationships deeply satisfying and rewarding. Having the freedom to explore yourself without boundaries can be very liberating. Surrender can change and transform us. This allow us to see things which we may not have realized or accepted. This allows BDSM to becomes a vehicle for personal, emotional, and spiritual growth…

Pain has so many facets that I find it absolutely captivating. It can break us or build us up. It can be meditative or it can feel like the end of the world. A lot has to do with how we internalize it in our mind. Its easy for the mind to turn inward with sensory derivation because of the peaceful and meditative state that’s created from removing external distractions. Behavior is also intriguing. With the right rewards and discipline you can do anything; even herd cats.